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The Latest News About Alzheimer's Disease


Neuroscientists explain six ways to ‘reboot your brain’ after a hard year of COVID-19
Exercising and quitting smoking lowers dementia risk, study claims
5 Foods That Increase Your Alzheimer’s Risk, Say Doctors | Eat This Not That
Biomarker of Alzheimer's found to be regulated by sleep cyclesBiomarker of Alzheimer's found to be regulated by sleep cycles
Alzheimer's Disease Pathway Identified as Potential Early Therapeutic Target
11 Ways to Prevent Alzheimer's, According to Doctors | Eat This Not That
New model more effective in predicting Alzheimer's
This Is the Best Food for Brain Health, According to a Top Functional Medicine Doctor
Could Dirty Air Help Speed Alzheimer's?
Drug Reverses Age-Related Cognitive Decline Within Days 
First Alzheimer's commercial blood test to detect amyloid beta hits the market
10-minute exercising may slow progression to dementia for those with mild cognitive impairment
Air-Pollution Linked To Alzheimer's Disease In Older Women
The key to stopping Alzheimer's, according to Bill Gates
3 profound impacts exercise has on the brain
Stopping Alzheimer's Disease Earlier in Its Tracks
If you don’t do this while you sleep, it can be disastrous for your brain
Deep Sleep Protects Against Alzheimer's, Growing Evidence Shows
Scots dementia experts hail 'exciting' Alzheimer study
Study confirms link between gut microbiota and Alzheimer's disease
Being Kind to Others Is Good for Your Brain, Stanford Research Shows
New methods could spot Alzheimer's before symptoms
8 Steps for an Active Brain After Retirement
Link Between Sleep Apnea and Increased Risk of Dementia
Why The Most Successful People Never Stop Learning (And Why You Shouldn’t Either)
Adult language learning literally reroutes brain networks
How Epigenetics Could Turn Things Around For Alzheimer’s Disease
Blood Test for Alzheimer’s Now Available at Doctors’ Offices
Could This Image Predict Your Risk for Alzheimer’s Disease?
3 Ways To Improve Brain Health During The Pandemic
Air pollution linked to risk of hospital admission with dementia
Men with physical jobs have 55% higher dementia risk
Cause of Alzheimer's disease traced to mutation in common enzyme
AI Assesses Alzheimer’s Risk by Analyzing Word Usage
Yoga May Bolster the Brain Regions Most Affected by Aging
Air pollution could increase your risk of developing Alzheimer's, Parkinson's or other neurological disorders, study suggest
Could cold water hold a clue to a dementia cure?
Exercise for Brain Health | Benefits of Exercise for Brain
Don't Be Afraid to Take a Cognitive Test! Here's Why Doctors Say You Should Get a Memory-and-Thinking Screening
If you can learn to do this, you can significantly lower your risk for dementia
NIH Awards $13.8 Million for Studies on the Prevention and Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease
One type of exercise has 6 brain boosting effects
Groundbreaking New Study Shows Yoga And Meditation Benefit Physical And Mental Health
What Mindfulness Does to Your Brain: The Science of Neuroplasticity
Alzheimer’s Epigenetic Drivers Identified
Link between Alzheimer’s and sleep apnea affirmed in brain tissue study
Here’s how to reduce your chances of dementia
Americans worry about Alzheimer's disease, survey finds, but most don't know the early signs and symptoms
How to protect elders from Alzheimer’s Disease? Dr Pradeep V Mahajan suggests the process can be slowed down
Walnuts May Support Brain Function in Older Adults, Study Shows
The #1 Food for Boosting Brain Health, According to a Dietitian
7 Foods for Brain Health That Fight Memory Loss and Cognitive Impairment
Tackling 11 myths about dementia
'Body clock' rhythms, not sleep, control brain waste disposal
Common drugs linked to increased risk of Alzheimer's
Poor sleep may predict Alzheimer’s onset years before symptoms appear
How we sleep today may forecast when Alzheimer’s disease begins
Common Meds Tied to Faster Mental Decline in Seniors
Alzheimer's could be triggered by hearing loss
8 Go-To Foods This Nutritional Psychiatrist Eats For Better Brain Function
Common Drugs Tied to Increased Risk of Cognitive Decline - Neuroscience News
Aducanumab: Will this antibody open a new pathway in Alzheimer’s treatment?
Alzheimer’s Is More Complicated Than We Thought - Sponsor Content - Alzheimer's Association
'Differences in biomarkers' in people at risk of Alzheimer's disease
Are flavonoids a dietary weapon to ward off dementia?
How Coffee Protects The Brain & Supports Memory, From A Psychiatrist
Alzheimer’s disease may start in the gut and spread to the brain
Doing These 9 Things Can Cut Your Risk of Dementia by 35 Percent—Here’s Why
5 Secrets for Cognitive Health From the World’s Longest-Living Communities
Gene That Protects Against Alzheimer's Found in Human Cell Model
Doctor’s mnemonic boosts holistic management of type 2 diabetes
Type 2 Diabetes Diet: 11 Nutritional Tips to Help You Swerve the Risk of the Disease
The 8 best herbs and spices for brain health, according to a doctor and a neuroscientist
4 Mental Exercises to Keep Your Brain Sharp
Alzheimer's risk is higher for women: 3 diet tips to boost brain health
Denver Issues Medical Marijuana Research And Development License For Alzheimer's
5 Healthy Steps to Lower Your Odds for Alzheimer's
MIND Diet: Here’s how it can help to improve your brain and overall health
How Meditation Works In Your Brain
Switching off noisy neurons restores lost Alzheimer's memories in mice
Study warns chronically negative people face greater dementia risk
Negative thinking linked to dementia in later life, but you can learn to be more positive
Alzheimer’s: Copper transport in blood provides fresh clues
AI Algorithm Can Accurately Predict Risk, Diagnose Alzheimer’s Disease
Flavonoid-rich berries, fruits and tea may have a protective benefit against Alzheimer's
12 Myths About Alzheimer’s Disease You Should Stop Believing
Reducing early brain inflammation could slow Alzheimer's progression
Mediterranean diet reduces risk of cognitive impairment
Why Sleep Is More Important Than Ever — And How To Get It
Mediterranean diet: New analysis says it may optimize brain health
Behavioral Changes May Signal Early Stages of Alzheimer's
How Managing Diet, Exercise, and Hearing Loss Lowers Alzheimer’s Risk
Amyloid build-up isn't the only risk factor for Alzheimer's - Futurity
4 Immunity Boosters That Also Protect Your Brain From Alzheimer’s
The Yoga Rx for Dementia, Alzheimer's, and Memory Loss
How To Rewire Your Brain To Succeed During Uncertain Times
Curcumin: The Anti-Inflammatory Active That's A Game-Changer
Living With Diabetes During COVID-19: How Do You Protect Yourself?
Brain or muscles, what do we lose first?
10 Essentials This Functional Medicine Doctor Uses To Support Immune Strength
People with large brain reserves can circumvent Alzheimer's. Here's how to build yours.
Science Proved Drinking Coffee Helps Improve Brain Functioning and Slow Aging. Now Research Shows Coffee Can Also Help You Lose Weight and Body Fat
A New Diet to Slow Down Alzheimer’s Disease?


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